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is a low pressure system developing here in the central united states. eventually we'll start seeing clouds. sundays, late monday morning, afternoon before it clears out. it'll be too warm, expect maybe if it starts early enough to our north and west. then maybe a little sleet mixed in for just a brief time. and once the low pressure passes the region. once it gets off the east coast it's possible maybe enough cooler, could be a little bit of light wet snow. for the most part we're looking at rain. mild temperatures, relatively speaking we're talking the low 40s. west winds, five to 10 knots. clear and partly cloudy tonight, 26, tomorrow we'll see sun, mild temps up to 50. we got up to 50 today. clouds at night, good chance of rain on sunday. , 42, 44 and 42, partly cloudy skies. >>> coming up, another road trip for the ravens, the bags are packed for indianapolis. mark has the ,,,,,,,,,, produce with a 100% guarantee... means freshness is always in season. rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender, says you're always ready to grill. and now, safeway has a new promise. a commitment to thous
, be the first new year's baby of 2010 for all of the united states. olivia rose alan has won her first competition and she's not even a -day-old. >> yeah, it was exciting. >> reporter: she's the first new year's baby of 2010, born four seconds after midnight at the greater baltimore center in townsend. >> i could have pushed a little bit sooner. and i thought, at least wait five minutes, and i said, okay. he had his heart set on it. >> reporter: the doctored delivered the first baby of the state, he didn't expect to deliver the new baby of the country. >> reporter: were you celebrating? >> no, i'm usually asleep. >> i thought she would deliver around midnight. √°eut it was a very normal delivery. >> reporter: this little boy was first in massachusetts, another girl was first in florida, but none came into the world before this little maryland baby olivia. who's parents said they high fived knowing their baby's would get fireworks for every birthday. >> we joked with everybody, we have to get her in time for the tax deduction. but this is a lot neater. >> the nurses here at the hospital
of the united states? well, president obama received a summons for jury duty at the courthouse in chicago. however, with his first state of the union speech set for wednesday, the president is just a little busy this week. he has alerted the court he can't make it. a lot of other things on his plate right now. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news tonight, oil spill aftermath. texan residents take refuge with the oil. >>> caught on tape, a customer at a jewelry store decides to take the goods and run. >>> an important recall you need to know about. could salmonella be in your lunch meat? that's coming up. >>> the baltimore boat show sails into town. i'm gigi bar net. coming up. -- gigi barnett. >>> i'm bernadette woods, there's a flash flood watch in effect and warnings in effect through tomorrow. we'll have your complete first warning forecast coming up when wjz eyewitness news returns. ,,, >>> a massive sink hole in san antonio, texas, leaves residents on edge. nearly two dozen homes are in danger of dropping into the hole. a series of cracking opened up in a retaining wall this morn
into the united states. >>> the u.s. comfort is now treating its first patients. two children were air lifted from haiti on to the ship. >>> our media partner the baltimore sun has reported that mcgarrell died after running back into his hotel room to grab his computer. >>> as part of our continuing community commitment, cw is proud to bring you hope for haiti. you can see it this friday beginning at 8:00 p.m. >>> governor omalley declared his budget plan for this coming fiscal year and how he plans to make up for a $2 million shortfall. some 200 state worker positions are being eliminated. most of those jobs are currently unfilled. furloughs are also included in the plan. >> we will be reorganized and downsizing state agencies in order to realize savings amounting to $2 million. >>> the plan relies too much on federal funds that are not yet guaranteed. governor omalley will present the plan to the general assembly tomorrow. the fiscal year starts in july. >>> hartford county is facing their own budget problems. the county is facing a budget crisis. you can read more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. >
this much salt out of your daily diet could help reduce 10,000 states in the united states. at the prime rib restaurant in baltimore, city states attorney pat jesney says she's concerned about salt but also any attempt to legislate health. >> i don't know if i want government telling me how much salt to add to my food. but i do think that as consumers, we need to know the risk of certain things. >> i also think that processed foods is where we get most of it than rather than the shaker. >> reporter: hyper tension and hood blood pressure is a key risk in bringing cardio vascular decide. >> i'm going to rinse chips before i eat. >> there you go. >>> baltimore is on the list that most cities don't want to be on. america's worse commutes, the worse bottle next in our area, the baltimore beltway. the information was compiled through gps data nationwide. >> they could have asked any commuter and they could have told them. >>> coming clean with a confession after nearly three years. edwards making a stunning confession. >>> more than 2 million cars, trucks and suvs are being recalled. which ones an
. >> because of the cold spell we've seen through most of the united states, that is impacting how investors look at what they think crude oil is going to do. and then we're also looking at the fact too that this time last year, although gas prices were significantly lower, we were just several months into the financial collapse. >>> this graph shows the 12 month national average for gas last year. maryland prices mirrored the nation. >> it could be better, gas prices could be down. because of the economy and stuff like that. but i think it would be better. >> reporter: experts advise you should also keep an eye on your heating bill this winter. it's expected that heating prices also will rise. >> somehow i think it's better if we don't look at all. gas prices will hit a national average of $3 by this summer. >>> and the ravens own ground crews stenciled the logo on the front grounds. the logo was also painted on federal hill. you can see the ravens face off with the patriots next sunday. >> way up in the chilly northeast. >>> move over iphone a new super phone is on the market. google is ma
a report saying the people of the united states are ready to offer help. >> we will be providing relief and humanitarian assistance, our prayers are with the people that have suffered. their families and their loved ones. >> reporter: the quake was quickly followed by powerful after shocks including one measuring 5.9. terrell brown, wjz news. >>> we have heard from several marylanders who are worried about their families wear abouts. call 1-888-407-4747. >>> a developing story out of northwest baltimore. a teenager is shot in the face just steps from where a high school basketball game was taking place. kai jackson was at the scene of the shooting. >> reporter: a 19-year-old man has been shot in the face and another male is currently being interviewed by baltimore city police. >> reporter: baltimore police say an altercation about 7:00 p.m. at a basketball game fell into the median of wind fall parkway but eventually went to the mall. >> it's natural, nowadays that's natural. it's just natural in baltimore city. >> reporter: but it shouldn't be. >> it shouldn't be. >> reporter: accordin
is ordered back to the united states. how it could effect his child molestation care. >>> the weekend is here, what will it bring? i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete first warning forecast, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 38 degrees with some clouds in central maryland right now. an incredible scene from phoenix as the house is about to fall because of eroding hillside. >>> polanski was arrested under a u.s. warrant. he is currently under house arrest and fighting extradition. >>> the wife of senator mccain appears on an ad endorsing same- sex marriage. the add shows cindy mccain and no h8 on her cheek. the group's website said cindy mccain contacted them and offered to participate in the ad. mccain says he respects his family's point of view, but he is still opposed to same-sex marriage. >>> what happened as a routine tip turned into a federal case. the story begins in the central district, especially here on mccullough. there's people inside a car with people believed to be selling drugs. they go to stop the car, the people inside see the police coming so they take off. >> reporter: poli
in the united states. >> reporter: and governor omalley is a huge ravens fan as well. he paid a visit to the ravens to wish them well. >> there's a lot of confidence out there weijia, i tell you. make sure you tune in to wjz for coverage. adam, mark and jessica will get you ready for the big game. then stay tuned to wjz, the only place you can see the ravens take on indy. that's tomorrow at 8:00. >> we should do as that building, and turn off the lights at our homes to spell go ravens. >>> the superstar golfer is getting counseling. what he may be treated for and where he's staying. >>> a pilot performed the unthinkable landing a commercial airliner on the hudson river. today an emotional reunion for those on board the plane. >>> i'm bob turk with first warning weather center. the weekend is here, what will it bring. i have the complete first warn forecast, coming up next. ,, >>> it is 41 degrees with some clouds. first, a guilty plea on a felony gun charge puts the high school career of gilbert arenas in jeopardy. the washington wizard star arrived at superior court this afternoon. p
to overheat. so far the problem has not caused any problems in the united states. over 5,000 vehicles worldwide are being recalled. >>> she backed downs from claims that she had cancer. claims based on fear because she was being abused. now the woman who took money from friends for treatment she never received, testified that she was being abused by her husband. >> reporter: gina aroni claimed that her claims of stomach cancer have been false. >> i've been pretending to be sick for over 3.5 years. >> reporter: the question is why. the state's attorney said it was for money raised over the internet from old friends and the community. dena leony is charged with taking a total of $10,000. >> i think she's afraid not to do what she wants done. >> reporter: that he is patrick leony. he also came to court to answer a complaint of domestic abuse filed by his wife. >> i have head bruises, i love my husband so much, and i would do anything for him. and i just wanted him to change and i wanted him to love me. >> on several occasions, her children called me. one time they had to pull him off of
that want to attack us in the united states. >> reporter: this family from finland says they will keep flying and trust security is doing its job. >> we can't live with the fear all the time so we have to just live our lives. >> reporter: he says if not, then the terror iforts have won. in newark, new jersey, karen brown, wjz "eyewitness news." >> and the maximum fine for the incident is $500 right now. >>> another terrifying event in the sky. this time for airtran passengers. the transportation security administration says a flight en route from atlanta to san francisco had to be diverted to colorado springs because of an unruly passenger. pictures of him snapped here by other passengers. a man locked himself in the bathroom and what he did next was very frightening. >> just an unruly passenger. came out the bathroom with no socks and ?o shoes with a razer in his hand and had everybody spooked. >> the man was tasered. he went limp and they took him out. >> bomb sniffing dogs and officers searched the entire mane. no explosives or evidence of terrorism were found after a three-hour d
'll be on all flights heading to the united states, including yemen, nigeria and saudi arabia. none of the countries targeted fly directly into bia. they've added dozens of names to the government's terrorist watch list and the no-fly list. >>> al-quaeda claims responsibility for that christmas day attempted bombing, stopping their reign of terror is why thousands of us troops are deployed in the middle east, and tonight hundreds of maryland air national guard men and women are being called to duty. live at the airport, kai is there as those troops pull out of baltimore. >>reporter: that's right. president obama has already stated more troops will be head heading to afghanistan in the fight against terrorism and members of the air national good will be among them. the number of troops in afghanistan will jump dramatically, following an executive order by president ba barauc obama. it's an effort to rid the region of al-quaeda terrorist and is help stabilize the war- torn country. >> simply put among a range of difficult choices, this is the best way to protect our nation now and in
to if he cuss on the economy. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama enters congress for his first state-of-the-union address, one year into the job, the president says that the economy and job creation are at the top of his ajen darchlts people are ought of work. they are hurting. they need our help. and i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> the president spoke bluntly and humorrously about bank bailout. i hated it. you hated it. it was about as popular as a road cam. >> he proposed the money repaid to help small businesses many i'm proposing a tax for small businesses. one that will go to those who create more jobs or raise wages. while we are at it, let's also eliminate all capital gains taxes on all small business investments and provide a tax incentive for all large businesses and shawl businesses to invest in new plants and equipment. >> but republicans say that the plan does not make sense and will not work. >> the partial freeze announced in discretional spend something a laudable stuff but a small one. the circumstances of our
everyone has gotten off safely. >>> this year in the united states nearly 9,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer and beating that disease really takes a toll on child and their family. now tonight as mike schuh reports a baltimore county organization is hoping to solve an overlooked problem that arises sometimes during treatment. >> reporter: for lisa glen this ordinary routine never gets old. 8-year-old emily heads off to school. emily is a little shy, she's not fond of being the center of attention. but two years ago she couldn't help it. >> happy. because today ills a new day. >> reporter: consider that when you hear this. >> because i get needles and i stay in the hospital. >> reporter: you see, at age 5 she found out. >> she had cute lymphoblastic leukemia. >> reporter: it took away her hair and her independence. >> she wanted to stay home. she felt safe and comforting here being at home versus going out to school. >> pretty much we were isolated. we very rarely took her out, if we did she had to wear a mask. she was bald she didn't feel well. >> reporter: she's now in
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14